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Bpd and hoovering characteristics

My mind was working in overdrive, maticulously replaying instance in my head. His idea of mean is ridiculous. He had the control because knew I didn't have a car of was able to drive yet they drive on the right side. They are sincere, truthful and apologetic. This is an informational blog NOT a chat site. Want to get in touch with me? It was because I loved her Please Have a look at my blog. Told me how I was the best thing since sliced bread. He topped my mobile phone up while a was away

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We had a LOT of sex my got. He was a chain smoker and drank at least five night out of seven. She was my dream girl but she was treating me so bad the last days. Recycled seven times in seven years by my BPDex. In short I lived with a woman wife who showed me the front side of BPD people, and worked with a woman who gave me insight into the back-side of the BPD mind. Previous Post Previous When I was on the pedestal, it felt so good to be wanted, to feel loved for who I am. He used the excuse of bipolar to gain sympathy and as explanation for his crazy. I tried everything with her nothing works.

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I wish I had never met him. I know there must be something wrong with me for keep taking him back, I no longer wish to try to work him out, done this for years, I have to work on myself and my issues. Barbara C likes. Then I saw that he had to smoke pot every day and drank 3 to 4 bottles of beer each night and never showed any signs of being stoned or drunk. He has spent several weeks detoxing in hospital as he was drinking upwards of 30 beers a day just prior to the last incident is attending A. He may need your help? After our holidays she decided it back to her city with her family. She couldn't control her impulses with anything. Also the night before i was due to fly out i had to sleep in my car as the abuse was so bad. Sex was amasing and very often. It was a vicious cycle. It was because I loved her We all heal at our own pace.

BPD News: Is it a "Hoover" or is it "Relationship Recycling" - BPDFamily Video

  • Anonymous May 5, at AM.
  • When I was on the pedestal, it felt so good to be wanted, to feel loved for who I am.
  • The thing to remember is they are emotional vampires, manipulative types who play the victim to use people.
  • Recycled seven times in seven years by my BPDex.
  • In my opinion, "hoover" is a legitimate term for a certain BPD behavior.

Are you in a relationship with someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder and you're trying to figure out what's going on? Have you just gotten out of a relationship with someone suffering from BPD and you're confused, sad and wish that your partner could understand how you really feel about them? You've come to the right place. Enjoy the journey, the stories, the songs, videos and the changes one makes as they become whole. I ended up self hoovering when I broke down and got ahold of her and she responded very positively. I did and we fell right back into the dysfunctional relationship for a couple of months until she found another bloke and probably realized that "I" was never going to be able to fix her and she painted me black and ended it "again". On a side note the week before we had seen one another and she didn't even look at me I have been hoovered 4 times since i filed for divorce. Thank God for the miles between us cause the hoover maneuver would only last a couple days before she would go back to her nasty self. The sexual attention was extreme. We would have phone sex everytime. She even went as far as calling my boss to attempt to dicuss our divorce with him. The answer was a question -- did I really want to let her go. I just gave up and said that she was just going to make my life miserable one way or another and asked her to move back and work things out. Then I found her facebook page and discovered that she was doing this to me between guys she was seeing. I just feel dirty. My ex boyfriend has never been diagnosed with BPD but my therapist suggested that I do some reaserch on the Dissorder and I can't belive how accurate she was. I have been hoovered 4 times. Our relationship lasted 11 months and was truly wonderful.

15. Cluster B and the Hoover Maneuver: Hoovering, a Dangerous Game!

Labels: abuserbondescalationhoover maneuverhooveringliesmanipulation. We both live alone. I retired first 67 and he is currently retiring 65 and is going to go round Australia. We have had such a rocky relationship - long story - but we hv been seeing a therapist because I asked him to because of his cycle of abuse toward me which Strippers southampton made me ill ovr 15 years. I am still doubtful whether his behaviour was his nature or from many prescription drugs, smoking and drinking because of a spinal injury he sustained. I feel lately that I am being hoovered back into the relationship, his undying love for me, his phoning me daily, buying me little things and looking after me in little ways which Not hungry after breakup course I appreciate - it's those 'buttons' being pushed!

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Bpd and hoovering characteristics. 15. Cluster B and the Hoover Maneuver: Hoovering, a Dangerous Game!

The BPDFamily. It also suggests that the partner is somewhat powerless to resist returning to the relationship. This concept also suggests that someone has power over another that they could not possibly have. Recycling is about both chatacteristics. So, in effect, the couple struggles to work together and each struggles in weakness to be apart or alone. Living with excessive recycling is an unhealthy place to be. When you repeatedly recycle, clearly something is very wrong. Repeated recycling will not go away on its own. Is Recycling Always Unhealthy? Not always. Let's break this down.

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They say if you love someone then you set them free. If they come back to you they are yours forever. Not so with Cluster B disordered individuals.

Two months after that, she sends another: "Your phone must be broken". Living with excessive recycling is an unhealthy place to be. I'd been hoovered back twice previously after being discarded out of characteristice blue.

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Oct 21, - Just One More Hoover Fix. The amazing high of these addictive relationships can truly be an adrenaline shot to your ego. When I was on the. Sep 1, - The support group reports that "hoovering" is a concept is in conflict with the primary characteristics of Borderline Personality. Jan 12, - "Hoovering" is a term describing a ploy that occurs when someone with a personality disorder tries to suck an ex partner back towards.

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