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Why indian parents are so controlling

The parents who rule your life now will not do so forever. Do this at your own risk, since outing your parents publicly and giving light to their abuse will make them go berserk. Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1, Trophy Points: A place of scarcity. Even though my parents mean well, I don't agree that some of their beliefs and actions are in my best interests. Yes, and why does this happen? Try to have an objective discussion in a conversational tone where you express to them how their actions are hurting you. They were brought up to believe that they own you. That's the reason behind all this controlling. Live in the present moment.

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It's so simple. Last edited: Dec 9, They made a decent life for themselves in a new country or even in the old country with struggle and hard work while supporting you and your siblings. All Sections. Competition mindset. We're not here to help you.

You can set aside the pain, anger and self-loathing to choose and love.

You only have so much time left with your parents. Start Writing! And yet, I think a very important part of standing up for women is to stand for gender neutrality. At least, here your child knows that person. My mom's logic is "I gave birth to you. It may be for all the wrong reasons, but they want you to live up to your potential. It aches my heart to say that because of this kind of senseless talk, two adults who are capable enough to know how to choose their life partner end up in agonized for rest of their lives just to make their parents happy. Go meditate, spread love, and plan a trip. IFC Films. Replies: 6 Views: 1, Some of these issues also have to do with their experiences as immigrants. What they are saying is not what they really mean. All the power is with them. For every damaging comment and insult they hurl, you can try to give yourself a different meaning of it or change the context for yourself.

Why Won't Indian Parents Let Go Of Their Grown Sons? | HuffPost India

  • Allow yourself to escape the mental and emotional torture by visualizing being in an entirely different place.
  • You never know — it could be the reverse.
  • The women all generally look at me or my other friends and say that they wish that their sons would marry girls born and brought up ihdian India like us!!
  • In fact he developed a phobia in engineering.
  • Time to think about how your meddling can affect them.

This post is dedicated to all the Indian kids out there who are being raised by over-bearing and abusive parents. I write this for you with love and understanding, compassion and hope for healing. Yes, those of you who suffering in the care and control of their parents. And even adults who survived a detrimental childhood. Yelled at, screamed at, compared to others, verbally assaulted, bullied, threatened to be sent back to India, threatened to be sent to live with relatives. I had a very similar experience growing up in this kind of environment. Many Asian cultures have seen this type of abusive parenting. Or hey, you might even live in the States or Britain , but still have experienced this kind of parenting style. Or even help you cope with them in your adult years. How do we cope? Or tolerate the abuse? How do we move forward? I do know plenty of emotionally healthy, loving and supportive Indian parents, so let me not throw all of them under the bus. A place of scarcity. Your parents came from difficult conditions filled with struggle and often did not have enough growing up. Insanity of their own parents. They herded their children like cows and instilled fear in them like a deadly cobra. Insecurity and fear. They are unsure of themselves, so they worry about you. They are afraid of the world and thus, worry about you.

strict, controlling, overprotective immigrant parents

Yes, I want them to get space to enjoy and play life as indiqn. However, sometimes as a parent we expect sky high achievements from our kids on a regular basis. As a Bengali parent, we generally expect that our kid should be either doctor or engineer. Without checking real interest of our kids, we normally subscribe what other parents are doing for their kids. I just cite some examples from interactions with parents. He has pqrents sons and both studied science up to class XII.

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Why indian parents are so controlling. Dear Indian Parents, Stop Trying To Control Your Child’s Love Life These Silly Reasons

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The parents who rule your life now will not do so forever.

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Nov 21,  · Like other parents, he wants to see his only son as an engineer. However, son is rather busy on social media. He marginally crossed the hurdle of passing Madhyamik (10 Th broad) with grace mark. To fulfill father’s wish and put himself with higher rank with respect his . Aug 24,  · Why are indian parents so controlling adults plz help? I take it your family brought you over from India. And so you are first generation? Ask him why he left India? Did he expect the new country to cater to him and the customs of India? Would he expect People who move to India to bring and install their customs on India (in this day Status: Open. Aug 01,  · Indian parents don't desire that their kids do something they really like or marry someone they are in love with, rather they want to make sure that their kids have as "normal” life as they possibly can. Letting their kids make their own decisions increases the chances of .

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Indian Daughters, It's Time to Stop Living for Your Parents

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