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How to start a blog to promote your business

Two good examples are JustRetweet and Triberr. Hello, This is great ideas about to promote blogs. Feature other bloggers in your articles and ask them to share. Wow, this article can really serve as an ultimate guide for promoting blogs! Also, make sure you constantly post updates, and regularly recycle old articles on social media; simply sharing your article once, or once in a while, won't cut it. Let me know if I can help you further, Karen. Blogging Don't Just Do the Work. Internal links are an essential part of your on-page SEO, and quality internal links will impact your rankings in the search engines. Like just everything else in life, there is a downside to blogging, including:. The above screenshot shows traffic to an authority blog in one month; you can see that out of , visitors, , came from search engines.

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New to the blogosphere, so many of these suggestions will be put to use ASAP! Your Blog Address. Thanks for all this helpful advice! Can you give us an alternative to google Adwords? Leverage kindle free promotions to boost your reach. Thanks for sharing. Simply creating social media profiles and sharing your latest articles won't cut it.

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Your next step is to develop four subtopics that relate back to the overall theme of your monthly topic. Hey awesome tips this is what i was looking for. Thanks, Karen. You definitely want to have a strategy in place to meet your potential customers where they are already consuming content. As mentioned earlier, Quora superstar Oliver Emberton used Quora to launch a popular blog. Below is a screenshot showing how The Penny Hoarder does it ; for a blog that gets about 2 million unique visitors monthly, they definitely know what they are doing. This is why it is very important to learn how to write better headlines and put serious effort into your headlines. This list was incredibly helpful as far as blogging and promoting your posts goes. Don't start a blog and then abandon it halfway. The term blog comes from the combination of "web" and "log" or "weblog," and was eventually shortened to "blog. So, for the jeweller mentioned, his blog title, based on keyword volume research via Google's keyword tool, would be 'how to buy a diamond'. On-time and consistent delivery is an essential part of making this plan work. There are free and paid apps that can do this job on a small and large scale. It's free and literally takes minutes to install.

How to Start a Successful Blog For Your Business in

  • Your list is massive if not all but some of the hem will surely work.
  • In their book No B.
  • Join communities where bloggers support each other or exchange shares.
  • However, I want to let you know that it didn't happen overnight and it took a lot of testing, failing and starting all over again.

Done right, it can drive traffic to your website, increase your sales, establish you as an authority in your industry and also help you to reach new markets. Unfortunately, many small businesses are yet to wake up to the benefits of this tool. Valid reasons range from lack of time for writing the blog posts to a lack of ideas for quality posts. Here are my top tips for writing and building a successful business blog. Your blog, like your website, is not for you. It's for your customers, so write for them. Ideally, your blog should aim to either solve a problem for your customers or provide fresh insights into your industry. However, with a bit of planning, you can have enough ideas to keep your it running for weeks or even, months ahead. For example, if you are a jeweller, you could write a blog post on what to look for when buying a diamond. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is another great way of finding keyword phrases that people are using to search for your services. The keyword phrase, once you've identified it, could be your blog title. It's a simple and effective way of driving traffic to your blog and letting the world know about your services. So, for the jeweller mentioned, his blog title, based on keyword volume research via Google's keyword tool, would be 'how to buy a diamond'. The key to a successful business blog is giving your readers valuable content. That is how you establish your website's authority in your industry. In addition, if you give your readers valuable content, they will reward you by becoming return visitors and also parting with their money.

How to Promote Your Small Business Blog

Click on the Add to next to any video to save to your queue. Click on the Add to next to any article to save to your queue. Click on the Add to next to any podcast episode to save to your queue. Click the Follow button on any author page to keep up with the latest content from your favorite authors. In their book No B. In this edited excerpt, the authors explain just how to create and use a blog to aid in your marketing efforts.

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How to start a blog to promote your business. 7 Tips to Use Blogging to Grow Your Business

With the right blog article content, you can stand out from the competition as a knowledgeable expert in your niche. Timely and relevant content helps develops a relationship with your target customer. Eventually, they will come looking to purchase something or hire you for services. Even better: content marketing gets three times the leads over paid search advertising. Source: Demand Metric. In a nutshell, content marketing is about telling a story that connects with a consumer. The face of marketing changes quickly, especially as technology takes over our everyday lives. Unfortunately, you will not just magically end up with a successful blog that drives tons of traffic and new customers. Blogging for business will result in sales. But to start a blog, you need a clear purpose that focuses mainly on the consumer. Once you understand the purpose of your business blog, you can better organize and share your content in a way that meets both your business needs and the needs of your readers. Remember the first season of Mystery writers show Mad Men? They forgot their audience. Women buy bras.

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Promoting your business includes the ability to produce and distribute quality content that align with your overall marketing and business goals. Brands, retailers and businesses are now becoming publishers in order to reach audiences, market their products and services, and increase revenue. But — are you using your blog effectively in order to promote your business, generate leads and grow your business?

Hope that helps, Karen. Aja McClanahan is a financial writer who blogs regularly at www. You're not following any authors.

Other Ways to Promote Your Small Business Blog

Dec 21,  · Create an effective blog. To blog in a way that's most effective and will give you the best end result, begin with the end in mind. First, think of a blog as the editorial in your media channel. This is your owned-media. You control it, and you can use it any way Author: Kim Walsh Phillips. 4 Effective Tips to Make Your Blog Successful Curate Informative and Interesting Content. Remember, a blog won’t succeed without the Your Network. If you want to succeed as a blogger, you have to work hard Promote Your Blog. Do you want to earn from your blog? Then allot an amount for advertisements. Jun 02,  · One of the most creative ways to promote your blog is by restricting part of your content and making people share your article to access it; Will Franco did this by creating an article and adding a “social locker” to his article; the result of this was 11X more shares compared to the average article on his blog. The table below shows his results:Author: Karen Evans.

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How to Promote Your Content When You Have No Followers

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