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16 and pregnant jazmin and dell where are they now

Oh please be you! Savannah: I always thought she was gorgeous. Are they releasing an album? Nathan could have remained an anonymous meathead moron with a questionable lack of neck and far too many nipple tank tops. Permalink Submitted by Sophia doing he It's a little too late to be talking about God and preventing Jazmin from "sinning" and whatnot. And why does no one refute that? Oreo could have been referred to as something other than a snack food. It's not up to the parents to shield them from the unavoidable difficulties of parenthood. Yes, they should make the rules. After Jazmin gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Leila, Jazmin's mom and step dad only allowed Dell to come over on their time which left Jazmin to care for Leila all day and all night by herself. Also, I realize this is completely shallow but did they have to show a close-up of the disgusting diaper?

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What I thought was ridiculous is her parents thought of Dell as the bad influence. I really respect how she is making decisions based on what's good for her children; not what's good for a fun time. Next to give us an update on her life is Savon , the girl who got knocked up by some dude and then started seeing some other dude. Why does every girl on this show say that birth control makes you fat? God he was entertaining as hell I would watch a whole season of that.

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Due to her religion, she decided to remain abstinent until marriage, and this was a huge issue for her and Scott. Did anyone else catch Jenelle swearing off social media til the holidays are over? I give him major props for that. I think Jazmin said that she and Dell had only been dating for a little while when they got pregnant. We get a real update with Autumn , the mother of the baby named Drake. That's not gossip, that's her banking info. I didn't end up pregnant, but teenagers will find a way Yeah, those exact rules actually, I was never ever allowed a guy in my room until I was married! Why would she need a fucking manager. You chose this, live with it. As a reminder, the Where Are They Now? It was pretty clear that Dell wanted to visit his child, not get in Jazmin's pants, but mom kept saying no, and it seemed incredibly cruel to Dell and pretty much forced Jazmin to give up her studies, since no one was there to help with the baby.

16 & Pregnant Season 5: Where Are They Now? Part 2 of 2 | Teen Mom Junkies

  • She's going to care whether her dad sticks around.
  • So many times on this show we see the opposite - young teenagers getting pregnant and the parents kind of shrug, and the baby is added to the prgenant.
  • She was a fairly devout Christian until she met Scott, but found her faith again after finding out that she was pregnant.
  • He was an idiot on the original episode too, but this time he was acting messed up.
  • I'm certain it still can be then but for once the baby's father is actually willing to step in and make it easier for her.
  • Don't get me started on Jenelle.

As a reminder, the Where Are They Now? It might not be on your TV guide yet, but be patient, and it will show up. Aleah was the diabetic mother who was also being a mom to her boyfriend Shawn's son Noah, from a previous relationship. Aleah's episode featured drama regarding Shawn's inability to follow the speed limit and her struggle with maintaining control of her diabetes while pregnant. Aleah wasn't featured much on the Life After Labor special, and that's probably because she tries to keep her life pretty quiet. She's still dating Shawn, and the two have a home of their own. Aleah and Shawn have chosen to not have any other children, and Shawn has thrown around the idea of getting a vasectomy to avoid any future reproduction. As far as we can tell, Shawn has stayed out of trouble with the law lately, and things seem to be going well for this couple, as well as Peyton and Noah. Jazmin was the teenager who gave birth to a daughter whom she named Laila. Jazmin's parents were strict and enforced the house rules on her boyfriend, Dell. He wasn't able to visit after at night, and needed prior approval before even coming over. Jazmin revealed that Dell wasn't actually working all of those times that he wasn't with Laila, and that he was frequently out partying or drinking and engaging in the use of illegal drugs. Dell doesn't have much of a role in Laila's life these days, and Jazmin claims that he hasn't seen her in several months. We've been told that Jazmin chose to not film for the special, but did agree to particpate in a Skype interview so we'll be able to catch up on her briefly. Savon was the teen that was dating a guy named Mauwi, but Mauwi wasn't the father of her unborn child. Savon struggled with intimacy while carrying another man's child, and Mauwi was sexually frustrated. Since filming ended, Savon has dated several people but hasn't seemed to settle down. She and Mauwi are still friends, but they're not dating.

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Jazmindeol, and her boyfriend, Dellbroke all of the rules when they got pregnant just three months into their relationship. When we first meet Jazmin, 17, she tells us that she is a high school senior from Raytown, Missouri. Jazmin lives with her mom, Teeshaher stepdad, Bradand her little brother, Xavierin Lamborghini carbon fiber parts house filled with rules to keep the children from getting into trouble. Not only are Teesha and Brad strict, but they are also very religious, which is why they are so disappointed in Laila for getting pregnant just three months after she started dating her boyfriend, Dell. Jazmin also tells us that she met Dell online, and that they communicated for quite some time before deciding to meet and take things further.

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16 and pregnant jazmin and dell where are they now. Jazmin Young (season 5)

For the first time since I've been watching 16 and Pregnant I wished that this couple would get their own place. Asmr pj I'm not in agreement when they want to rush and get a place of their own. The parents were way too strict, Dell couldn't even come to the house when Jazmin was in labor because her parents weren't home. That's just crazy. Poor kid was working like a dog and still the parents wouldn't budge. I wonder why Jazmin never went to his house? I hope he has sense enough to go to court to get visitation rights. All I could think about was that the parents have Dirty harry images never watched an episode of 16 and Pregnant. I couldn't believe that they were making it so difficult for a young father to spend time with his new daughter. For the first time, I wanted to see the new father tell the baby momma and her parents that it wasn't their decision to make; that he could go to court and get visitation rights. Just shake up their smug little "house rules" world a bit. I know they were doing what they thought was right for their daughter, but they seemed to be actively working to make sure that eventually the baby's father would just drift away. Hope he proves them wrong. This was a prime example of what happens when you simply tell a child not to have sex and leave it at that. If I didn't know any better, I'd think Jazmin did this in hopes of getting away from them.


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Jazmin also tells us that she met Dell online, and that they communicated for quite some time before deciding to meet and take things further. Summer moves in with DJ and noe parents just 2 months before giving birth. Summer is hoping to convince her sister to get on birth control or start using condoms.

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