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Batman jackson ms

I played all the way through junior high. What are you all thoughts on this subject, if any? After that, a bond was made and we became like brothers with each other. Tell me a little bit about growing up on Wood Street. JSU, I'd like to rephase my last comment as a question. AD: I'd never met him. That was how we felt about it. Hood, though, could find no phony arrest warrant to investigate, despite the mayor's announcement of its existence. Melton meant well, and was really trying to help and "protect" Mr. It's going to take a multi-pronged approach, and the last thing we should do is assume that a some superhero is going to fix it all for us, or b that we are powerless to change these problems. By Donna Ladd Wednesday, April 26, p. Archived from the original on Like who? He probably would have arrested Harvey on the spot and charged him with trying to influence a witness. Having served his time, Henderson applied for a pardon on Dec.

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Mayor, please let this rest and get on with the other city business. Smith would later tell the Jackson Free Press that he didn't know why Melton had invited him to his home on the eve of the Donelson trial , especially considering they were on different sides of the trial. Justice requires not prosecuting cases you know you don't have the evidence to prove. Batman may be guilty of everything that he has been accused of, but the legal system thanks to Frank has said different. I'm glad fifty figured out how to make big money legitimately. Did you know your dad? AD: I went to Columbia. Donelson and two other alleged "Wood Street Playaz" gang members were acquitted of murder in April of

Batman v. Melton, et al?

Why can't a group of black guys get together and make a million dollars without some sort of investigation going on about where the seed money came from? Have you been involved with drugs? Barbour granted clemency to Henderson for his previous convictions, along with a long list of other pardoned criminals , some of whom were brutal murderers and rapists that make Henderson's convictions pale by comparison. Donelson or Mr. Roy McMillan 3. I cannot be nowhere around a gun. We had a meeting with the judge in Raymond, where they told the judge that's what their intentions were. Congress St. AD: I'm on probation for the convicted felony with a firearm. Leslie B.

'Batman' assault trial underway in Jackson

  • Good job Donna.
  • Innocent people should not be abused for crimes they didn't commit.
  • The Almighty gave all of us the power to overcome.
  • Jackson Advocate.

Because it's a felony—and a felony conviction would get Melton removed from office. However, Attorney General Jim Hood ruled last week that Melton never actually filed a written arrest warrant, despite the mayor's public assertions to the contrary. Thus, he said, Melton was not in technical violation of the law. But, Hood added, that didn't mean that Melton was off the hook on it—the remedy could be civil. That is, Donelson could file a civil lawsuit and claim that the mayor had harmed him and sue for damages. Donelson himself said last week that he is planning to do just that—sue Melton. It's time for him to name the eight people he's talking about. Indeed, Melton has said repeatedly to the JFP and others that Donelson has killed at least eight people. Days later, on April 13, Donelson was released: He could not be legally held under Melton's alleged warrant. Melton said he had learned that Donelson could not be held because the two-year statute of limitations for a conspiracy charge had run out, and he did not wish Donelson's attorney to have to file a writ of habeas corpus to get him released. In her letter to Hood, Peterson was concerned about the arrest warrant that Melton said publicly he had filed against Donelson. Hood, though, could find no phony arrest warrant to investigate, despite the mayor's announcement of its existence. Thus, Hood could not pursue felony charges against somebody for merely being a liar. Frank showed it to me in his house. But he never filed it," said Randy Harris, a local attorney who represented Donelson. Harris said he was confounded by his client's continued detention in the Hinds County jail, days after the state had found him not guilty and dismissed other charges against him. Then the D. That took about two or three days. We had a meeting with the judge in Raymond, where they told the judge that's what their intentions were. And that probably lasted until Wednesday.

Frank Melton

The jury deliberated for less than two hours. Immediately afterward, Mayor Frank Melton vowed that be would arrest "Batman" again—that he would not be going home. Melton says that Donelson ordered all three of the Batman jackson ms are part of a complicated and brutal trail of back-and-forth killings believed to be turf skirmishes over the drug trade in Jackson. On his way out of the courtroom, Donelson told the media, "I thank the jury. They figured out the truth. Immediately after the verdict, Melton expressed displeasure with the prosecution and reinterated that the district attorney should have called former Wood Street associate Christopher "Smiley" Walker to the stand. Walker, Melton said, picked up the phone Batman jackson ms Albert Donelson called to order the hit and handed it to Terrell Donelson. Sensual massage berkeley had told the JFP prior to the verdict that he would arrest "Batman" Donelson in the courtroom the moment he was acquitted. Right before the verdict came down, he said he would arrest him at the sheriff's office next door. Then he called back to say he was holding a press conference at his home.

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Batman jackson ms. Jury selection begins 'Batman' Donelson trial

Who am I speaking to? I am a founding member of the group. We first got into rapping while being incarcerated in on assault and drug charges. Me and Bat would compete against each other. So one day we decided that since we were best friends it would be best if we put our talent together and form our own group. Not yet named, we decided to call ourselves the Wood Street Boys. So up Batman jackson ms our release in we took back to the streets and got back into the dope Blush4u to fund our beats and studio time. When Wood Street Playaz first formed in the scene was wild. You had a lot of dope dealing and killing. Money was being made hand over fist. We were inspired by the fast cash and all that the game had to offer. The music scene back then was also wild. But I think it was in all a great time and era. We want our listeners to know that what we are rapping about is our lives and things that we have been through and experienced in our lives. We love his music.

‘Batman' Speaks: The JFP Interview with Albert Donelson

Crosby was found naked and badly beaten, stuffed in a shopping cart in front of the Star Grocery, which is less than a block from Donelson's home. During an interview with WLBT last year, Donelson said he was shot at two weeks before the incident and defended himself, fearing for his life. Donelson and two other alleged "Wood Street Playaz" gang members were acquitted of murder in April of

Austin State University. Indeed, Melton has said repeatedly Batmxn the JFP and others that Donelson has killed at least eight people. Did you know your dad?

Holy Smokers, Batman!

Traveling to Jackson. Air travel to the city of Jackson, MS and the surrounding area uses the Jackson-Evers International Airport. Jackson-Evers is located at International Dr., 12 miles from the city center, in the small city of Pearl. All commercial flights to Jackson use this airport as their destination. Apr 07,  · Alleged Wood Street Players gang members Albert "Batman" Donelson, Terrell Donelson and James Benton were acquitted on charges that Albert Donelson ordered the . Nov 16,  · A jury has convicted Albert "Batman" Donelson of aggravated assault. Jackson State’s Band, The Drum Majors And The J-Settes Stepping To The Temptations/Get Ready.

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