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Cody cummings hiv

BTW how old is this picture of Sirard anyways? I read on another web site that also covered this story that the actor that tested positive was a male actor who had acted in both gay and straight porn, the web site even speculated on the guy's name. Nick Capra asked him what the deal was with his sexuality. Suppose to be the male part of some Power Couple? Jones : Daily has been doing scenes with women for at least three years. Then color me gay because I like that part. Cody Cummings was fired or he quit, depending on which version of events you believe from NextDoorStudios in And he is homophobic. Shut your dumb ass up. Just like in the gold era of gay porn. He is a hot muscular guy who just loves to get fucked. Hell even Peter North made it in straight porn after coming from gay porn, and look how big of a name he became. I guess in Cody Cummings mind getting tons of blow jobs is not gay yet performing oral or having anal sex is.

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Used to be you had to stay on one side of the industry, or at a minimum use different names I forget what Peter North's other name was - now there are male stars who actively market themselves as bi - it's probably one of those guys Tommy D or Cody Cummings. A syndrome is a sign of many illnesses put together. We still do not know what long term treatent and the virus will do. Though it is a chronic disease, it is a complex one, that requires medication with major negative, lingering side effects. Jayson : The hypocrisy and shock over porn actors getting HIV is mind boggling.


A1EX said paparazzi66 said hauptstimme said Surprising? Of course. They see what they do and they repeat it in their own bedrooms or where ever they decide to shag lol. This man was filmed getting his dicked sucked by how many men? No one should be bare-backing in adult films. Actors in gay scenes are required to wear condoms; actors in straight scenes are not, but testing is mandatory. I don't really follow porn so the name did not mean anything to me. You see the difference between gay porn and straight porn is the audience can SEE with our eyes if a man is sexually aroused. Though it is a chronic disease, it is a complex one, that requires medication with major negative, lingering side effects. I wonder how long it will be before he winds up doing gay porn. It started happening to heteros before it started happening to gays. I used to be friends with Frank Towers mark slade and Ted hunter in gay pron. In my opinion, he is nothing to write home about especially when the industry is flooded with studs! Latest on Queerty. As long as Digital Playground is still filming, I'm cool.

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Drumroll please!! Acute HIV, which means I recently was infected. For that I am blessed. With the tests I have done the doctors have figured out that I was infected within the last month. Both Bay and Daily work for Kink. Actors in gay scenes are required to wear condoms; actors in straight scenes are not, but testing is mandatory. The strong indication is that Rod contracted it and transmitted it to Cameron Bay. According to a reader — who first alerted us to the news — Rod did at least two gay scenes for Kink in August and at least one with a trans female. He also did a heterosexual scene around the same time. Last year , Los Angeles County passed a measure requiring all adult film actors to wear condoms, though some companies flout the law by shooting outside county lines. Sorry to hear this happen to anyone. No one should be bare-backing in adult films. Wish him and his girl the best. The part about its being a blessing sounds odd. OK, knowing so early is better than finding out years down the road, but still…. And his girlfriend announced her HIV positive just a week ago. What they said about testing in straight porn is untrusted.

MISS ME? Cody Cummings Makes Big Announcement

A jolly Cody Cummings parked his sleigh in San Francisco recently to greet all the girls and boys at the Gloss magazine holiday party at at Trigger. Photos courtesy of Marques Daniels. Leave it to boring, plastic, non-erotic and no-talent Cody Cummings to make even the ugly men and dog faced drag queens of SF look sexy. Cody cummings hiv a porn performer get one blow job after another is mind numbing. So NOW he is a porn star? He is NOT goodlooking…. I know nothing about this guy other than having seen this set of pictures, but he looks awfully good to me. Search for:. Cosy Look at those pathetic queens with dollar bills in hand. Gay for pay is homophobic.

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Cody cummings hiv. Cody Cummings Meltdown: “Cancel Your Membership To

Retired gay-for-pay porn star Cody Cummings finally bottomed on the set of a PetitQ underwear hjv, an anonymous source tells Manhunt Daily. He rolled a condom onto one of their dicks, and the rest was all history! However, multiple witnesses have stated that they saw Cody leaving the set with a huge smile on his Cody cummings hiv and a thick load of semen dripping from his lips. Search for:. January 28, by dewitt. Subscribe and follow Get the hottest from Manhunt Daily. Quickie: Oliwer Mastalerz. The Tumblr sex games Room: David Beckham. Next Article.

Positive HIV test halts porn shoots at 5 companies

Whip out your lube or your barf bag , because the one and only Cody Cummings has just threatened to make a porn comeback. Get ready, you lucky ladies! But why not take the easier route and just go back to doing what he did worst, gay porn? What is offensive is not being G4P is not doing your job and spend all your time in porn fooling people about fucking a guy or getting fucked. To each their own but if he actually came back and people still give him the attention he clearly not deserve we should ask who is worse him or his fans. G4P was never a problem, it was the attitude of some G4P performers.

All is well that ends well and may Cameron-Rod continue to live happily ever after. Search for:. Apparently none of these people have ever pondered mortality before, or had a relative or friend die of any other cause before, or for that matter ever had any kind of Codg thought, before becoming infected with HIV.

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May 16, - Next Door Studios brings you an exclusive interview with porn star, Cody Cummings. Hear about your favorite stars first time having sex, what they enjoy, how they became a porn star and what it's like working in the porn industry and so many hot men, jocks and twinks like Missing: hiv ‎| Must include: hiv. Apr 17, - Cody Cummings was fired (or he quit, depending on which version .. Rod Daily is HIV positive yet claims he never got it through sex with men. [Archive] HIV Scare Halts Pr0n Production Non-Actuarial Topics. as bi - it's probably one of those guys Tommy D or Cody Cummings.

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