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Don goldberg camera repair

Can I reuse the Developer Kodak Flexicolor? There I was, in the bush carrying a large raw steak in one hand and my trusty camera in the other His reputation is, as far as I can tell, impeccable. I try not to scrub or rub. Johnny Martyr says: Great thread idea! Don is alway like this. Rob-F is offline. I have been sending Don a couple of boxes a year for the last few with various equipment. Trained by Konica, acquired all their cameras and parts when they got out of the business. As far as DAG, I've always had quick responses via email- and late at night, which tells me the guy is probably in his shop working overtime. Susan C.

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Login Register. Good repair folks are hard to find, so when word gets out, they usually get swamped with work. I've used Sherry Krauter for work on a version 1 Leicaflex and purchsased a 35 f2. Thanks for posting that link. Over time it is inevitable some of them will break. It is now a sharp lens. Sigma 35mm F1. Oh Dear very sorry to hear This forum lists him first on the list of camera repair specialists and from my perspective that is not an appropriate choice.

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However, then I tried T again and it tripped instantly. Aspen 1 Flagstaff, AZ Mar 31, Martin Siegel says: shakmati : The best light seal kits ever made come from Jon Goodman I second that. About a two month turnaround but both now work like new. Sometimes you have to call him, sometimes you have to e-mail him. He restored my dad's G to its former glory. Latest in-depth reviews. There's no hurrying quality work For the young or foolish at heart, here are links to a couple of Leica repair manuals online.

Flickr: Discussing Recommend Shops for Quality CLA / Repair in Film Photography Podcast

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  • Ye, is very responsive, and even though he may be self-taught I wouldn't call him amateurish as some describe him in the posts above.
  • Don't use DAG if you are in a hurry.

Share This Page. Thread Tools. Jun 25, 1. Messages: Hey folks, Just checking to see if anyone else is having issues with DAG Camera's turnaround for camera repair. I have sent several emails and left messages and actually talked to Don a few times however I have not heard a peep in well over a year. Every time I try to call the phone is busy. Every email sent goes into the abyss it seems. Comforting thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Steve. Jun 25, 2. Messages: 1, Steve, Sorry to hear of your troubles. I doubt any store or repair person's reputation - no matter who they are - is worth three years of frustration. I am aware of who DAG is in these circles, but you should not have waited this long to raise hell.

DAG Camera Repair

User Name Remember Me? You can share Do-It-Yourself repair and maintenance, as well as your recommendations for pro repairs. PLEASE title your thread wisely, Kira ryder others searching for a certain make of camera or repair person can find your thread easily! Hi Folks, I've been trying to get ahold of Don to check on the status of a camera repair, but he hasn't Dom to emails and his number either rings without a message machine or is busy. Should I be worried? Any info appreciated, -Dan, Northern California. From what ODn understand he's pretty busy. He's just on his own time I think.

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Don goldberg camera repair. Youxin Ye VS DAG lens repair

Bonus Episode Drop! Film Photography Podcast Episode - July 16, Well worth a look--and why it's worth the money: www. The goal is to gather as much info as possible in one spot so that I can create a go-to blog on the main FPP Don goldberg camera repair. Thanks and Best wishes! Aviation Blvd. For light meters, you can't beat - Quality Light Metric Hollywood Blvd Ste Hollywood, CA Hollywood Phone number I know they do the Minolta golderg had mine done, fast turn around and others have had some of the later model of Weston meters done. No website, call. Originally posted 13 months ago. All Pentax cameras - best repairman and great prices. Payment by check only. I live within a reasonable distance from him, so I goldbberg bring my M3 to him in person. I stayed at his house for half a day to help and observe him do a CLA on the camera. At the same time, his wife did a CLA on the lens. Any recommendations?

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I had a 50mm f2 Summicron with a loose built in hood, giant front focus, overly light aperture click stops, and a rough spot focuising. Sent it to Mr. Goldberg on sept 15 and got it back on Sept CLA and repair all the mentioned issues. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters.

I would also just prefer to get the camera back at this point and send it somewhere else if I was in your shoes. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Apr 01,  · He is my go to repair person for repairs of known problems. His wife is also an awesome lens tech. Dag (Don Goldberg) also does a terrific job but he is very busy and it will take awhile. I have not personally used Sherry Krauter but she has a good reputation. Finally, Gus Lazzari of TLC Camera Repair is my go to person for complete overhauls. Sep 29,  · DAG Camera Repair. I had a 50mm f2 Summicron with a loose built in hood, giant front focus, overly light aperture click stops, and a rough spot focuising. Sent it to Mr. Goldberg on sept 15 and got it back on Sept CLA and repair all the mentioned . Aug 13,  · After innumerable attempts to contact Mr Goldberg via email, fax and phone we finally spoke. After having my camera for 10 1/2 weeks, he said he hadn't touched it. I suggested he just return it to me then and there. But he offered to complete the work in the next day or two. I agreed to this. I received the camera yesterday on August

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