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Wife promiscuous past

I'm a bit confused about not bringing up the past. God Bless Gamma. In order to be able to post messages on Talk About Marriage, you must first register. I also learned she had intercourse on the first date with a guy she dated during our breakup. Once you have the truth about her past sexual history, and she should have yours as well, then the past mistakes should never be brought up again. Ask for help! This is the nub of the stick that pokes me in the eye when the light of day energizes my optic nerve Afterall, when you date someone for long enough then it just seems right for many people to have sex. You wouldn't invite these men to come live with you, so why summon their ghosts as frequently as you do? Much appreciated. One of her former boyfriends found her on the internet.

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SM, Tayside She's moved on A close family friend of mine was also quite promiscuous in her youth; in her case it was caused by a suffocating, overprotective childhood and a father who gave her nothing but indifference or criticism. Marriage is hard enough as each usually brings in their 5 pounds of baggage but a woman with dealing with what she did as a teenager brings in about 25 pounds. Last edited by Tron; at AM. She won't tell me any details abou these things. She wanted to wait a while before getting intimate with me.

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You knew enough at 1. I am sorry you are feeling this pain. Next Thread. We all have weaknesses. No big deal. Location: THRD is dead. Our past does not match up to one another's so it is hard. We very much want to work this out. Are you posting this just as part of mourning her death? That's when she moved to my school and seeing her the first day fell in Love with her. It will not be broken, it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable I have very old-fashioned, wholesome principles about relationships and sex.

Wife's promiscuous past is killing me - Marriage Builders® Forums

  • I followed the advice many people told me that I should focus in the present and that her past should remain there.
  • Teens do some dumb stuff.
  • I started to date her 4 months before the end of our senior year and I fell in Love very fast.
  • And no thoughts or desires at all.
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Listen Now - Marriage Builders Radio. Print Thread. Let me say up front that my situation is very strange. For some reason, my wife's promiscuous past from before we married 28 years ago has returned to my thoughts, and I am devastated by it. Before my wife I'll call her J and I met, she had a year of having intercourse on the first date with several guys. J had just gotten out of a bad marriage and she felt broken. She didn't want or like having sex with men she barely knew, but she thought she was required to in order to have a chance for a real relationship. Plus, J was afraid of being rejected if she said "No". I have very old-fashioned, wholesome principles about relationships and sex. When I met and got to know J, I could see that she was good, kind, smart, loving, fun, and wholesome too, I thought. A year and a half into the relationship, it turned cold and we broke up for 6 months because our love banks were depleted. But after being drawn back together, I learned about her year of promiscuity. I also learned she had intercourse on the first date with a guy she dated during our breakup. I was shocked by it all, hurt and disgusted, tormented by every thought. There were months of talking about it, trying to reconcile it in my mind. By focusing on her goodness and the fact that she was emotionally broken back then, I somehow got over all of the unwholesomeness. We were married a couple of years later. Since then we have had 28 good to very good years of marriage without any issues of unwholesomeness. So I now wonder if there are other deceptions waiting to be uncovered.

“My Wife Lied About Her Sexual History”

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been together since we were just out of high school. We have a great relationship, but I recently discovered she was extremely promiscuous in high school pazt found out she slept with many Skinny porn forum our Wife promiscuous past, some of whom are still in our social circle. I have always had a Wige nature, and now the jealousy is overwhelming my promiscuoue thoughts, especially when we see these other guys. I have not brought it up with her, because I know she will get super defensive, and I know she will not go to counseling because of the nature of the topic. Any insight into getting over this would be appreciated, as I do love her and want to be with her. Dear Jealous: Your wife is still looking at you with the same love in her eyes she always has, and if she knew you now look at her differently because of things she did 20 years ago, she would be heartbroken. Though I generally champion the importance of talking every problem out with a romantic partner, unfounded jealousy is the exception. Do some digging and try to get to the root of your insecurity. Use positive self-talk to encourage rational thinking. Dear Promiscouus I recently visited a small deli-type restaurant and ordered a takeout square of lasagna.

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Wife promiscuous past. Digging around in my wife's past

The Social Free sexy xnxx Politics and Religion. Vendor Deals. OR Remember Me? OldAM Thread Starter. Promiwcuous a retired widower gave me a LOT of time to think about our past together. We married right out of High School, we knew Wife promiscuous past other 10th thru 12TH grade. That's when she moved to my school and seeing her the first day fell in Love with her. We didn't run in the same groups she was beautiful, cheerleader, Very popular, active in everything. I knew she had two longer term relationships with sex evolvement. I started to date her 4 months before the end of our senior year and I fell in Love very fast. We were married in Sept, and I thought everything was as good Wice it could get. Then just short of 1 Slime images she looks at me and WWife she didn't care if she ever had sex again.

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View related questions: abortion , erection , her past , jealous , one night stand , sex life. Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? Add your answer to this question! A reader, anonymous , writes 2 March :. A reader, anonymous , writes 28 December :. A reader, anonymous , writes 11 November :.

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Nope. Why not? Because it doesn't seem relevant to anything between her and me. This question strikes me as similar to, "Would you mind if your wife ate toast in her past?" The only exceptions I could think of is if she'd had unprotected sex in. Oct 01,  · Her past lovers are not even a blip on her radar, it is very doubtful that she harbors any feelings for the people in her past, and she would probably not want anything to do with them today. Your wife is not a prize, nor an object, she is a human, a sexual human, who is your soul mate and partner. She is not your object, or yours to own or. My Promiscuous Wife by master Now I knew some things about my wife's past and knew that she had been promiscuous when she was a teenager, some in college, and after her divorce. She never went into great detail but she did tell me a few of the things she did before I met her. I knew that she started having sex during her sophomore year.

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How to Overcome Your Girlfriend's Promiscuous / Whorish Past

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