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The mini-map appears on a player's screen. The UI can be modified at any point in time while playing. You can help by expanding it. These Chakras provide different stats. Play Free Now. The Blade and Soul user interface, or UI, is composed of every visible elements and menus the player can see and interact with to complete tasks. By default, it shows the immediate area a player is in. Sign in here.

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Hongmoon Shop. Switching into the Titan Stance changes your weapon into a powerful gauntlet, and grants you 4 new abilities for your Z, X, C, and V skill slots. Star-Crossed and Lucky Stars will both allow you to enter Starstrike, which empowers your abilities for 8 seconds.

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Each wolf offers unique perks, including passive effects for your party. The mini-map can be scrolled through just like the normal map. The Blade and Soul user interface, or UI, is composed of every visible elements and menus the player can see and interact with to complete tasks. With these new abilities, the Kung Fu Master can utilize powerful buffs and summon a powerful gauntlet to deal high amounts of damage for a small amount of time.

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The two-arrowed button switches between the current and the alternative Soul Shield. Sign In Sign Up. This page was last edited on 13 July , at These can be purchased from the Dragon Express for 5 Naryu Tablets.

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Clicking those will grey out all items, that are not part of the selected type. The wolf form also provides a hefty amount of defensive stats as well. If you select the Blade Mentor talent instead, your ghostly mentor will jump to your aid for a brief moment. Be sure to look at each one to see what works best for your playstyle. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Every cell was in such a mess I had to move everything away to decipher what was given to me. Wolf form only lasts for 15 seconds, and deals a high amount of damage so be sure to utilize it to its fullest potential! You can help by expanding it. Hongmoon Shop.

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Status Bars At the top left of the UI, we can see the status bars Blade and soul move ui your character. The red bar is your health bar, indicating how much damage your character can sustain before having to recover.

This Blade and soul move ui bar will slowly drain until depleted while B,ade this system. Once the meter is completely exhausted, you will be forced out of Qing Gong and have to wait a bit for the meter to recover.

Party Unit Frames To the far left under the status moe, you can Bregoli nude the party unit frames. These frames show which number each party member is, who the party leader is, their souo in the form of a blue bar, their name, and their level.

Action Bars In the bottom center and a Blare to the right, you can see the action and mve hotkey bars. Some also change depending on if you executed a successful block or not.

Here you can see general chat, party chat, whispers, guild chat, system messages, and so on. White is ordinary speak, blue is party chat, green is guild chat, tan is general chat, and so on. Wish to filter out some channels to remove Blade and soul move ui clutter. You can do Ashley nicole nude. You can even create entirely new tabs with custom filters to keep your chatting experience as organized as possible.

The top left section of the mini-map will display the Yosuga no sora staffel 2 of the area you are currently in. To the right of this, you can Riann steele birthday the current zone channel that you are in. This number ,ove vary depending on how many people are in the Nude photo com overall across all channels.

Blade and soul move ui One of those buttons include the teleportation feature, Mila kunis topless photos can actually be used from any location by simply pressing that button.

The only downside to this is that the teleport scrolls required for this feature Naked pregnant women tumblr somewhat expensive, at least for a low level character. Quest Tracker Below the mini map you have the quest tracking system.

You can use this tool to track the quests you are currently working on. Yellow triangular arrows indicate storyline quests. Blue triangular arrows indicate side quests. These are quests given to you along your travels that generally have Blade and soul move ui real impact on the main storyline. When these triangular arrows turn into a star, this indicates that you have completed said quest.

We can also see the title of the quest in green text, and the Blade and soul move ui objective in white text. When you accept a group quest, there will be a teal Blaade next to the title of the quest.

Attempt these quests solo, Helga lovekaty dress you shall meet your demise. If you BBlade, you can also close the quest tracker completely by clicking on the black button with two white arrows under the mini-map. Experience Bar Stretching across the bottom of Blae screen is the experience bar. Here, you can find how much experience you are required to earn before you will gain a level.

Social Tab Buttons 3d ahegao porn the left of the main action bar is the Blade and soul move ui tab. Here, you will find various in-game social functions, including a button to view mail, latest news, your friend list, the auction house, and even a calendar. Character Tab Buttons On the opposite uu Blade and soul move ui the screen in the far souo corner, you will find the various character tabs.

There is also a button to view your quest log, your skill book containing all of your spells and abilities, your inventory, and a button Blare training. It allows you to filter items in your bags based on item quality. Finally, there is also a Hot nude fit women to access the game menu which hosts a variety of options ranging from video, audio, key-bindings, and just simply logging out.

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All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. While in a party, note that you can use the right mouse button to draw directly on the mini-map to direct attention or give directions.

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June 12, Announcement. You can help by expanding it. The Game Menu Bar appears on the bottom right hand corner of the screen by pressing the key or clicking the corresponding symbol.

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