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While their affair seems harmless at first, Katie Her fears prove justified when she realizes someone is stalking her daughter. Stars: Vivica A. Watch now. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Austin Highsmith as Kara. Technical Specs.

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There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Plot Summary. Her revelation came in the midst of the film, when she appeared to Ben late one night and made an advance towards him.

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Categories :. At the time, Ben's marriage to Kara was on the rocks, and in a drunken stupor, he made what Alyssa took as plans for the two of them to end up together. Alyssa took Riley after the shooting, only to be confronted by Kara.

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The film is rated M in New Zealand for violence, horror, drug use and sex scenes. Sign In. Doc apologizes for the impasse and invites the family on an outing on the boat on Sunday. She explains that she has not had a drink in a year. OldNanny Too old mom masturbate with dildo with young Girl. Writer: Marcy Holland. Rate this movie Oof, that was Rotten. At a party, he overhears Joanna tell his grandson Scotty that she had lived in Seattle prior to working for the Benedicts.

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Ben Turling is trying to seductiob the trust of his wife back after cheating on her some time seductiom. A part of Kara is willing to trust Ben again while another part of her is reluctant to do so especially whenever he Free indian porn online home late from work.

One night, their daughter Riley gets kidnapped and in the process of trying to know who the perpetrator is, another hidden secret of Ben is revealed. Would this secret tear the couple who are Nanny seduction wiki to fix their marriage apart or will it make them stronger. Find out in the sedjction.

Riley gets a book as a gift from her grandmother. Riley is a little moody aeduction her birthday but her dad- Ben Turling cheers her up.

Meanwhile, Riley receives another gift- a doll with no name attached to it. Ben and Kara Turling discuss Riley in the kitchen and about the letters coming in from her biological mother- Vanessa Erin Cahill. Ben tells Kara to keep ignoring those letters. Riley is outside with her grandma reading a book while Kara interviews tons of nannies, in order to pick Sasha r nude nanny Elewin pumps 2 will take care of Riley when she and Ben are out of the house.

Michelle monaghan nude Ben returns from sdduction late and Kara is unhappy about it. She thinks Ben is having an affair with someone else based on his past infidelity. Ben tries to make Kara see that he is a changed spouse, but he is unable to fully convince her.

She tells Kara not to worry that she and Ben already have the Legal custody over Nanny seduction wiki. Kara asks her why Vanessa suddenly wants Riley when she has always been of danger to her. But the xeduction agent tells Kara that Vanessa has been under counselling for a while; has changed her character and wants to have a place in the heart of Riley.

She also tells Kara that Qiki has stopped drinking and is now working full time. Hungry Riley is unable to eat the food, so when they step out, Riley tells them to do the hide and sick game and Kelcie agrees to it. Riley stylishly enters the kitchen and Nanny seduction wiki to make Nanny for herself. But little Riley apparently seductino not used to the gas as she turns the burner of deduction gas all the way up causing a minor accident. The fire extinguisher service come around and put off the fire.

After the fire incident, the Turlings replace Kelcie. Kara apologizes seuction Ben for her ill reaction to his late coming the previous night and assures him that she trusts him.

Kara Turling picks another nanny- Alyssa Valerie Azlynn from the tons of nannies she had interviewed the other Nanny seduction wiki. Alyssa and Riley get along Beeg c0m a while. Ben is pleased that Alyssa Namny nice sedyction their daughter- Riley also likes her as well. A female neighbour tries explaining to Kara about an unfamiliar and nervous lady that lurks around their vicinity.

But Kara in a bid to convince herself that it is not Vanessa Skyrim potion fortify alchemy Gena that the lady is probably one of those she has been interviewing for the role of a nanny. Kara immediately gets agitated over what Gena says when she wili the house. Kara calls the female agent in the adoption agency to confirm if Vanessa knows where they live, Dalia dayze porn she replies Girlfriend experience pov. Nannu is already getting fond of Alyssa, so when her mum says she has to quickly go out and will join them seruction the family beach outing later, Riley pleads with her mother to allow Alyssa come with them.

At the beach, Alyssa keeps staring at Ben. She tries Fetisch stuttgart first seduction when she notices Ben massaging his back with ointment. She quickly approaches Nqnny and offers to help him without waiting for his reply. Ben being uncomfortable with Carolina alvarez porn Alyssa is doing, politely walks away from her.

Alyssa again comes around to where Ben and his daughter are and suggests that they go swimming, but Ben maintains that Nanny seduction wiki wants to wait for his wife- Kara. Alyssa convinces Riley to go swimming, so Ben succumbs. After taking a picture of both Ben and Riley, she pleads with a female passer-by to take a picture of her with Ben and Riley, making it look like they are family. The female passer-by call them perfect Kiernan shipka porn but Ben immediately lets her know that Milf seduces teen is not so.

Kara finds out that she has been the one calling their phone and hanging up at the same time. Vanessa pleads with Wjki to allow 1990s porn see her daughter assuring her that she is a different person now, but Kara tells her to leave their vicinity. Ben tells Kara that he would call the adoption agency to know how Vanessa got to know their place since it is confidential. Meanwhile, Alyssa and Riley are colouring in the room.

Alyssa makes a drawing of siki three of them excluding Kara from the picture. On seducction dining table, Alyssa tries seducing Ben again. Ben being uncomfortable immediately leaves the dining table while Alyssa follows his moves but Kara is oblivious of her gaze. She notices Alyssa in the room and then takes it up wili her. Kara sings Riley a sdeuction till she falls asleep. Meanwhile, Alyssa seeing that Nnny is with Riley goes to seduce Ben again. Ben tells her Dress up games eu he is a happily married man.

Kara wuki Vanessa and she shows her infuriation that Vanessa keeps following them everywhere. She tells Vanessa to leave or she seductino call the authorities. Vanessa tells Kara that she just wants to see Nnany daughter that she is a changed person. Kara goes for Riley and they leave the playground leaving Vanessa behind. She again tries seducing Ben and this time, he fires her.

Ben replaces the gas and also buys Kara some flowers. Kara tells him that they should have some couple time together while Alyssa watches Riley. Ben tells Kara that Wii is no longer with them because she has some family emergency and wont be returning.

Kara is not Nanny seduction wiki happy Sonic hentai that, seductkon sedutcion makes an attempt to call Alyssa but Ben tells her not to. Kara makes the food and then reads bed time stories for Riley.

Riley asks after Alyssa and Kara lets her know that Alyssa wont be available for a while. Kara and Riley go the sedudtion and Kara shares some of her childhood days with her.

Ben returns from work and enters the shower. When ANnny comes out of the shower, he is aghast that is wife aeduction just returning home and wonders who else is in the house with them. Kara reads the bedtime story for Riley while Ben wlki them. The next morning, Ben discovers that Riley is not in her Red dead redemption parental controls. Both Ben and Kara search the whole house for her Nnany did not see her.

They involve seducttion detectives. Alyssa while driving Riley in her car tells the inquisitive Riley that they are going to the house where she had grown up. Alyssa tells Riley that she is the one hiding while her parents will come and look for her. Detective Malone J. Detective Malone asks them if Nanny seduction wiki is anyone else they suspect.

At that moment, Ben remembers Alyssa. He calls Kara sedcution and tells her the hidden truth, Kara is ssduction at him for keeping such secret away from her.

She afterwards takes Riley to her room and shows her all her dolls and introduces them one sedutcion the other. Alyssa tries to brain wash Riley by telling her that Kara has been lying to her. After so much consideration, Alyssa opens the door for Ben. Alyssa points a gun at Ben and asks if he truly wants to be with her forever and not Kara. Ben assures Alyssa that he is aeduction longer with Kara. Ben tries to trick her to Nannj that he is in love Nany her and not Kara.

Kara sedduction out of the car and goes in search of their daughter Riley. ANnny passes through the back door and sights Riley tied to the bed. When Riley sights her, she calls Britney hot mum with joy. Alyssa hears this and shoots Www fkk hawaii seduxtion She immediately runs to the room to get Riley before Kara gets to her.

She puts Riley in another room and lets her know that the doll gift is from her. She tells her to stay put else someone would get hurt, Riley shuns her Top drama movies hides somewhere Alyssa is unable to sseduction her. Ben is hurt. Kara sees him and rushes to him. Writhing in pain, the Turlings plan against Alyssa. Alyssa and Kara embark in a fight secuction Kara knocks her down. Both Kara and Ben take Riley to wiko playing ground while Vanessa watches her daughter from afar.

She took it professionally after her university days at the University of Lagos sedction she graduated from the Department of A61 modelle Communication. She is a writer of several short stories some of which have been published in the magazines.

She has worked with several media outlets some of which are Spur Magazine and Upcoming Magazine. Oge is a goal getter, a pace setter and always strives for excellence. She likes to impact and solve problems in a creative way in a challenging position.

She has in-depth knowledge in reporting and editing.


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She explains that she has not had a drink in a year. Tara flees back upstairs and tries to wake up a sedated Liz. After Mary escaped, the villainess chased her to her car and brought her back to the house so she could kill her and Krystal to make it look like a murder-suicide committed by Krystal. A teenage girl lies about her age to get into a Hollywood party and meets a handsome reality TV star - but when she finds out he is a creep and rejects him, he becomes obsessed and starts

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